From guns used in famous movie scenes to well-known classics and, of course, our unforgettable, automatic machine guns, our armory is fully-stocked with the biggest and most impressive selection of Transferable machine guns in The United States.

Machine Guns Armory wants to help you find THE perfect Machine guns available for sale. Browse our online gun shop from the convenience and privacy of your own home. Pick from our extensive selection of machine and sub machine guns, ship it to your local FFL, and we’ll have you shooting in no time!

Transferable Machine Guns


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Why Choose Us

You will never have to worry if your local gun shop has the specific model you want; we have an extensive selection of transferable machine guns for your convenience. our staff assist with all paper work and transfers. We use your address and full details you will provide at checkout to get you the best FFL. If you are in need of transfers, do not worry, if you have a preferred FFL DEALER, then it makes things extremely easy. We handle your transfer while they do the background check and at no extra cost since our prices already has transfer fees in it.

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Buy Machine Guns Online

Machine Guns Armory always have a good collection of machine guns for sale. Here are some popular machine guns we sell, this is a list of some examples of price ranges we see with the industries most popular transferable machine guns. The prices of machine guns can vary depending on several factors like their manufacturer, specific model or condition. Transferable machine guns are able to be bought and owned by civilians,but there are only 180,000 transferable machine guns available. This makes these guns very valuable and it only grows each year. See one you like? Contact us and we will let you know what we have in stock or we will put you on a waiting list for your dream gun!

Know About Machine Guns Today

Most states allow the transfer of registered machine guns. Machine guns had to be registered by 1986 to be transferable meaning they can be sold, gifted or traded for. They aren’t cheap, the cheapest registered machine guns start around $8,000. Machine guns are NFA items and require a background check and $200 tax stamp from the ATF before a transfer can be completed. The cost and complexity means that crimes committed with registered machine guns is virtually nonexistent.

How To Purchase a Machine Gun  Online

Buying a machine gun online have always been a tough process, but Machine Guns Armory have made it hassle free to buy a machine gun online by formulating a private, and legal and a comfortable process to buy and transfer your dream gun. Shop our vast selection of the industry’s top transferable machine gun manufacturers from the convenience and privacy of your own home. After finding the right gun for you, we will ship it to the FFL of your choice for pickup and background check. Your dealer will walk you through the NICS check process and legally transfer the gun to you or you can pick it up if you want .